Bath Magazine showcases beautiful Bath stone at Holburne Park

You can read all about the stone from which new homes at Holburne Park will be crafted in the latest issue of The Bath Magazine.

We arranged a special trip for the editor of the magazine to Hartham Park Quarry, just outside Bath, to see how the stone is cut and find out all about this iconic material that is totally unique to the Bath area.

The use of Bath stone, with its distinctive honey colour, is absolutely central to the classical design of Holburne Park, and will be important in making sure the development fits with Bath’s heritage.

The stone for the first phase of homes at is currently being excavated and cut from the underground Bath stone quarry, the oldest still in operation. Stone from this quarry is currently being used in the restoration of Windsor Castle and was also used in the Pump Room in Bath and the Queen’s Gallery extension in Buckingham Palace, so we’re in good company!

As the architect, Robert Adam, says:

“We believe that we are adding something new to the classical legacy of Bath, in the same tradition as the Georgian era but interpreted for modern needs.”

It’s a great article so well worth a read when you next pick up a copy of the magazine…

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